Do you want to know where the actual locals eat instead of ending up in tourist-trap restaurants? Do you like going to the coolest bars without spending your entire life savings on a beer? Do you believe there’s more to traveling than just checking off the first three positions from TripAdvisor? If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Greater Than a Tourist, Kraków by Agata Szymula is a unique insight into the life of the most tourist Polish city from a local’s perspective. Most travel guides will tell you where to find the best 5-star hotel and how to get to Auschwitz. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but since nowadays such knowledge is just one Google Search away, Greater Than a Tourist decided to take a different approach.

In these pages, you’ll discover how to really immerse yourself in Polish culture. How to wander the streets as you belong instead of checking the map every 3 seconds. What to eat to actually taste the local cuisine. Where to grab a drink without being ripped off. How to move around the city efficiently instead of spending the best years of your life in traffic.

At the end of this book, you’ll know to put both fried onions AND cream on your pierogi. You’ll know what to scream at a Wisła football game. You’ll learn to drink vodka by shots, not in drinks. You’ll know when to be at the Main Square to hear the hejnał. Travel like a local.

Agata Szymula

I could say I'm a freelance travel writer with a Master's in Latin American Studies. I could list my achievements, hobbies, favorite sports, and the languages I speak. Instead, I'll just say that I'm in love with our world, its nature, its people, and all its crazy colors. And I want to share it (and laugh about it a little bit too, cause let's be honest, our world is quite ridiculous).